America american military dating

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It would be like only eating cube steak instead of trying tastier cuts, but using your cube steak experience to generalize about all cow-based products.America has laws for just about everything, and high police budgets ensure you’re always watched by men in blue.Before I started traveling, I had some hypochondria issues.

When you’re in a foreign country, the propaganda ends for one simple reason: you don’t understand the ads! You stop watching television, stop listening to radio, and instead download all of your entertainment without the ads, though you’ll still be consuming it on a much lesser scale than while living in the US.This is something I didn’t realize in my home city where I was surrounded by a strong social circle. I don’t care what gay people do in private, but it annoys me to be surrounded by their flamboyant, deviant, and abnormal behavior in public, especially with their excessive displays of affection.I also don’t care for gay men hitting on me when I’m never in gay establishments.Once you live in a country where women spend more time looking good for an afternoon walk than American women do when they go to the club with their grenade friends, it’s really hard to go back.In foreign countries you can state your sexual preferences in women without being declared a creep or misogynist.

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