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Laura and Araceli met fresh out of high school on their first day of college at Cal State Long Beach, Fall 2008.They met in Comparative World Literature 100 - a requirement for Laura's Comparative World Literature Major (at the time) and one of the last classes available for Araceli.Natalie and Laura's relationship began in 2005 at South High School in Torrance, just slightly before Garrett swooped in ;).Natalie was a transfer student from the East Coast coming in her sophomore year and found her first (and perhaps best) friend in Laura Allen. Neither does Natalie for that matter #Pixie Cut2016.

In 2006 (a year before Laura and Garrett started dating) Natalie and Laura would talk about boys and confide in each other about their crushes at the time, as high school girls do. For the most part this was swapped out for a mutual love and often mutual hatred of the show Pretty Little Liars. After graduating high school, Natalie and Laura kept their relationship close, in spirit, though not always in geographical proximity. Natalie is happy to be 'championing' her all the way whether it's in her nursing career or the most awesome marriage coming to you June 9, 2017!

Because all records are originally paper files in a county courthouse, every state has a challenge in organizing current information, much less past records.

This means that the availability and depth of information in criminal records varies mightily from place to place.

Laura introduced Garrett to Araceli early on in their friendship because Araceli was curious to meet the boy that stole her friend's heart in high school.

The couple's love for one another was as clear then as it is today.

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