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711-.7ia Many Christians resort to the Mountains of the Asturias, and proclaim a King ... Reign, Victories, and Death of Pblato • •- 121 Viii ANALYTICAL AND CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE. - 129 791— 842L Alfonso 11., surnamed the Chaste - 130 Fabulous Exploits and Existence of Bernardo del Carpio - • . Ramiro 1., his short but eventfiil Reign - 131 850-866. King of England - 170 Various Wars of King Don Fernando - . Alfonso elected Emperor of (ycrmany at the same time with Richard Duke of Cornwall . Troubles occasioned by the disputed Law of Succession ; Alfonso commands the Murder of his Brother Fadrique 190 ' 1281—1283. Alfonso dies, excluding Sancho ftom the Throne; his Character ... Troubles during the Minority of Alfonso ; he marries Eleanor, Daughter of Henry II. Origin of the Military and Religious Order of Calatrava - 170 116L Origin of the Military and Religious Order of Santiago . Death of King Don Fernando, who is succeeded in the , Throne of Leon by ALgo NSo IX. Alfonso of Leon quarrels with his Cousin of Castile ; he marries a Portuguese Princess; but the Marriage is dissolved ... Fernando HI., his Disputes with his Father, the King of Leon - - - 5 •- 178 1219y Stc, Conquests of Fernando over the Moors . Death of King Alfonso of Leon, who appoints his two Daughters his Successors - ' . 180 Several Towns of Leon declare for Fernando - 180 Fernando takes Possession of the Kingdom^ the Claims of the Infantes being abandoned ; Consequent Union of the Crowns of Castile and Leon - 181 3. His Transactions with the English re.specting Gascony; Marriage of Edward Plantagenct with his Sister - 184 1256. His Efforts to gain the Imperial Throne, from which he is excluded by the Election of Count Rodolph - 185 1260— 1272L Dissatisfaction and Revolt of his Barons, and his criminal Indulgence towards them - _ - 186 They retire into the Kingdom of Granada - 188 1275, Death of the Infante Fernando de la Cerda, and his Dis- pute respecting the Succession - - - 189 1275—1280. and Return of many Rebels to their Duty - 192 1284.

138 He vanquishes and subdues two rebellious Counts of Castile - . His Wars with the Christians are unfortunate - 106 His Son rebels, and is made King, under the Name of Ann Abdalla .... A third Party excludes both, and proclaims Abdalla el ZAGAL • • • m m . His Efforts to repair the Disasters caused by the Inroads of Almansor ; Tragedy of the Count of Castile - - 147 1026—1027. With Bermudo ends the Male Line of the Royal House of Leon -• - .

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