Classifying consolidating software component selection methods

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It is seen as the most labor-intensive and costly activity for almost every warehouse, where the cost of order picking is estimated to be as much as 55% of the total warehouse operating expense. Sharp and Edward Frazelle have proposed a number of ways of classifying the order picking system.

As the order picking process involves significant cost and can affect customer satisfaction levels, there have been increasing numbers of process improvements proposed to help companies with this supply chain issue. Four solutions have been identified for order picking.

The system also includes means for associating the grouping of characteristic values with a grouping of at least one of retail products and services.

determining a grouping of characteristic values in a computerized system, wherein the grouping of characteristic values includes a subset of a plurality of predetermined values for a characteristic; and , wherein the grouping of characteristic values is a first grouping of characteristic values, and wherein the first grouping of characteristic values and a second grouping of characteristic values include at least one common value for the characteristic.

This particular method is very common and found in most warehouse environments.

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A method of and system for classifying retail products and services is disclosed.The storage area will contain the items required to fulfill the customer orders.The picking operator can then pick the items for each customer order from the items stored in the picking area.To date, CBS selection techniques often make an ideal assumption that there is one-to-one mapping between requirements and components.In reality, components are usually designed for general purposes and provide a range of features that can be adapted to meet the needs of a CBS.

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