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It's like it was written on a holy script some place, white women will lie and open their cunts to black men with big dicks and arrogant attitudes. Unfortunately it seems like my mom doesn't care about that fact seeing as she's been blasting her music at an unbelievably high volume all night.

I figured I'd just try to drown it out with some headphones instead of starting confrontation with her, you don't want to see her when she's angry and her nose all scrunched up.

Over the years we have matured along the way to envelop our sexual needs; our desires; our fantasies and, most important, our love for each other. The kids have flown; I’ve been ‘fixed’ so that I can no longer have that happy accident called pregnancy and, best of all, Jake encourages me to indulge in my passion for extra-marital cock .

Whether this is due to his confessed inability to keep up with my demands or the other confession he made a few years back that he was a closet voyeur and loved to watch was a happy...

Besides that fact my mom's name is Brenda and she's really beautiful and looks like the pornstar Bridgette B except with thick thighs and a huge ass.

Oh yeah, I guess this is a good time to mention I have a step dad now as well, his name is Michael, bald but super handsome, he's got chocolate brown skin and somewhat...

The Dark Wanderer was born in 1996, and is one of the largest collections of free slut wife, interracial and cuckold stories in the world. Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 3 Ian parked up on the drive and carefully stepped out of the car holding the Birthday cake that Simone had ordered from the local bakers.

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He is my Prince and I am his Madonna (you’ll have to check out my other posts to know why he calls me that).

He had taken the call and attempted to remind her he might have more important things to do.

She ignored his protest and reminded him in turn that there was nothing more important than their daughter’s happiness.

In truth they both could not believe their good fortune in being recruited and then employed by this dynamic fast-growing foreign company. I am currently experimenting with more wicked forms of media. This story is purely a work of exaggeration and fiction.

Neither of them considered the fact they possessed any specialist skills relative to the high-tech enterprise that was Rhino IMEX but having been approached and then hired they both agreed that for a number of reasons it was an absolute pleasure to be counted as company employees or, as their employers put it, ambassadors. Please do not substitute this for real life scenarios.

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