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The all-white ambience is pretty, the view even more so - all around you, the smiling lights of the Queens' Necklace flicker and twinkle at you, while the inky Arabian Sea heaves gently below.

Head to these beautifully decked up restaurants that are not only going to make your evening special but treat your palates with all the love! The Sassy Spoon Within all the clash and clamour of business district Nariman Point, lurks one of Mumbai's prettiest restaurants – The Sassy Spoon.Malls, movies, coffee shops and fancy restaurants, are you tired of all these?Does the idea of going on another date to one of these places bore you to death?The theatre only screens B Grade movies and that’s what sets it apart from the rest. Nehru Centre The Nehru centre consist of various departments but the Nehru Planetarium is one department that sets the perfect aura for a date.If outer space and scientific talks fascinate your partner and you, you’ll are in for a treat.

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