Friend starts dating your ex

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In September 2000 I lived in a dorm called Broadview, an architecturally beautiful building that had previously been a high-class hotel in the ’20s.

All the rooms had their own bathrooms, and most were singles, though there were a few rooms with roommates.

The offer turned into our talking through the night and into next morning, neither of us sleeping. A girl who was too attractive to be with a schlub like me had willingly joined me in a relationship that defied expectation and logic.At the same time, I would talk with Kathy every time I saw her, and even started visiting her in the lounge when I knew she was there studying.♦◊♦At some point, Christine screwed up. Sometimes I felt guilt for even continuing the relationship. You should let me take you out on a date.”Sure enough, she agreed.♦◊♦I began holding her hand when we were alone, getting her used to touching me. I ran into her multiple times after the breakup while I was courting and later dating Kathy.After the winter break, while Christine and I were in the middle of making out and reuniting, she began to cry. There’s no such thing as innocence in those situations. Only now do I realize that this incident may have been her way of testing how I felt about her. I actually told her that I was dating Kathy, but she already knew—Kathy had told her much earlier on. Christine gave us her blessing, and started dating other men as well. Maybe her guilt over cheating on me mollified any anger she might have (quite reasonably) felt toward us.She laughed at everything I said, but it meant nothing.Plenty of people who would never speak to me otherwise, let alone date me, have laughed at things I said.

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