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The kids opened their Christmas gifts from my side of the family there. Before you get all excited and go out to buy any of them, please be warned that being hit by one of them is like being smacked by a naked two-by-four, and I'm not even kidding. Amelia loved the boxes more than the gifts, as is always the case with the most discerning of human beings, TODDLERS.After we'd driven back to Florence, we had one more thing on the agenda for Christmas Adam. Yeah, whatever you're thinking, rest assured Grayson's already covered it.I could have taken pictures of every room in her house and done a separate post for each room, so thorough is her holiday decorating -- but instead I'll just share a FEW samples with you. Oh my gosh I just realized I've been writing this post for about 192 hours and I'm only halfway through the pictures that are loaded into it so it probably should have been three separate posts but it's too late for that now so I'm about to blitz the rest of it.

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