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The author has received emails from people around the world with unusual LPs from the early-’80s that don’t correspond to a particular model in any catalog at that time, many having ’59 reissue type features.Some (not all) Kalamazoo-made pre-reissues have the familiar Gibson eight-digit serial number (YDDDYSSS, where “Y” is the year, “DDD” is the day of the year from 001-365, and “SSS” is the production sequence number for the day) inside their control cavity in addition to a reissue-style (Y XXXX format) serial number on the back of the headstock.Approximately 28 guitars were made for Chris’ store between 19.The author of this article does not own a Strings and Things model because, in hunting for one, there does not appear to be any single set of definitive specifications or identifying features to authenticate a Strings and Things Les Paul.Many articles have been written about how guitarists and dealers in the mid/late 1970s and early ’80s were asking Gibson to build a Les Paul that more closely conformed to ’59 specs.The following is not an attempt to rehash any of them, but rather to provide an overview of some of these “pre-’59 reissue” guitars with some narrative and details of their construction and features based on the author’s experience in collecting and playing these guitars.The only way to authenticate a Strings and Things reissue would be to find one that comes with a certificate or invoice from Strings and Things during the 1975-’78 time period.It continues to be an intriguing yet elusive quest for the Holy Grail.

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Our model has a nice flame top and dark cherryburst finish. Timm Kummer worked for Guitar Trader in the early ’80s.There are a few examples with one-piece necks and ebony fretboards, which indicates that Elite necks were used during parts shortages. The truss rod cover is inscribed with “Heritage Series Standard 80 Elite.” The two examples shown are at opposite ends of the weight scale, one being 9 pounds, 3 ounces, the other being 10 pounds, 8 ounces.3.) The Heritage Series Award has a plaque on the back of the headstock with a number from 1 through approximately 50 (approximately 50 of these guitars were made for dealers who sold a lot of Heritage models), cherry sunburst, ebony board, flame top, and gold hardware.There does not appear to be any pattern to the second four-digit number – it was used for marketing reasons to distinguish these guitars as limited editions by Bruce Bolen, then head of R&D.They have a unique headstock shape and are are generally on the heavy side (high 9 to high 10 pounds), have the thin binding in cutaway, small black side dot markers, and a Nashville bridge.

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