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I read the stories here and see so many similar people in differing stages of understanding of sexless marriages. The older, more jaded, group having affairs, leaving the marriage or both simultaneously. been said many times before, but I like to emphasize a few points: EP is closing while many of you are still stuck in unhappy marriages that you know are beyond fixing.

I didn't feel much self worth from always being turned down by my SO. They had known, for years and years, that our marriage was dysfunctional. Member of “ILIASM” comprise all ages, walks of life, economic classes, and nationalities...

After it was in the open, I learned that there was a whole other world in my family, gatherings, that we weren't invited to... In one of the stories a young woman releases a genie while polishing an old lamp. Before you all scold me for staying in the situation and tell me it's my own fault - STOP. I am a regular EP member but for anonimoty I agreed with her to create a new username so that I can write our story. Through a thread on the forum, I was contacted by an EP member who was travelling overseas and was going to be near my hometown for... This has caused devastating effects on our marriage and her life. She grew up in a home where if you didn't take care of yourself, you weren't taken care of. and especially EP ILIASM -- for being an important part of my life in the year that I’ve been here.

I joined ILIASM two years ago, and I would not have survived the last two years of my life without EP.

When I arrived here, I was trapped in a lonely and sexless marriage to a...

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