Panorama investigates online dating

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Commonly, the guise is an urgent need to "confirm your identity".

They will even offer you a story of how your account has been attacked by hackers to lure you into entering your confidential information.

However, even if the BBC had gone after Pegatron, or Foxconn, or any of the other OEMs, it still would have been a totally misguided investigation.

The reality is that this story should have been focused on the governments that continue to turn a blind eye to these miscarriages of human rights in the name of progress.

At the time of his discovery, police appealed for help to identify the "vulnerable" man.The BBC should have perhaps asked itself this question before launching such an elaborate witch-hunt.Of course, Apple is not blameless; with more than twice as much cash in the bank than Uncle Sam, Apple could afford to offshore its manufacturing to the moon - if it really wanted to.Pegatron, the Taipei-based company at the heart of the Panorama investigation, also happens to make Surface tablets for Microsoft and Hudl tablets for Tesco.Neither of these companies were mentioned by the BBC.

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