Problems with adult children and dating consolidating credit card debt good bad

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I have 3 grown children too and my kids lost ther father. I'm just sick of the petty selfishness, self-pity he gets from her. She is seeing a therapist, who is clearly not helping her. It is actually quite terrible to lose a mother and then have someone new come and try to extrange you from your father.They treat him with respect and are happy that I found someone. He is a great man and a great Father but she controls him and I don't know if I can live this way. I thought it was just me who received this type of selfish and cruel behavior from my boyfriend's 30 year-old daughter. I've been accused of everything from trying to manipulate him to wanting to take their house away..of it even close to the mark. It is horrible seeing someone use your mother's crockery, hide your photo and insist that you are terrible. Perhaps if you would all sign pre-nups the adult children would have a little more faith in you. I have a good life but am still hurt by the choices these people have made. Well, it's obvious where your thought process has gone. In any event, if a pre-nup was the only thing necessary, my problems would be solved.It seems to be more important than even the parent's happiness. In my case I have personally helped their father along because he moved into my house that I had already paid for and he was still paying a morgage with his previous wife.Not making "house" payments has helped him be able to invest his money tremendously!

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I hate to be a failure but how can you fail when your intentions were pure and good? His daughter is driving me nuts..wants to tell us when we could engaged without her permission and she has not forgiven us.

Unfortunately I cannot boat anymore due to my injury. His daughter called the next day, whining to him, that he never spent any time with them anymore. Not once did they show up at the funeral home or share their condolences. My husband did bring a piano (nobody wanted), a dresser, and a grandfather clock that his wife bought for him on their 25th wedding anniversary (because he wanted it) and an older TV. Having been married to a widower for almost 8 years. I thought the resentment would fade but it is just as strong as ever.

I've never treated these kids with malice or been unfair to them in any way..only thing I did was marry their father after their mother's sudden death. He has 3 daughters and I have a son and a daughter from a previous marriage. To make a long story short, it has been the most difficult, painful, frustrating, stressful and exhausting time of my life. I have tried and tried to deal with it through therapy and medication but I am still on a perpetual cycle of the true ire I feel, especially for the youngest.

She just likes to create mountains over mole hills and likes to make her life a big drama.

She is miserable in her own marriage and thinks everyone else should feel her misery (and we do!!! You married this man because you loved him and wanted to spend your life with him, you are not trying to replace the kids mom.

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