Quick sweet treats the dating divas

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This works out well for all procrastinators out there!🙂 Our spouses will never know that we completed our Valentines, a day or two before….

I’ve rounded up some fun classroom games and activities to try during your Halloween class party. Grab our Candy Corn Emoji Mash-Up Halloween Party Game and your favorite fidget spinner and play two or three rounds. Now that they’ve gotten rid of some energy, settle in for a listen to Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman on You Tube. When I played the video, the 13 & 15 year old migrated into the room and watched the whole thing. Finally, how about a classroom scavenger hunt for candy corn emoji cards?

Create a candy corn inspired vegetable tray like this one from A Thrifty Mom: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons created these cute and healthy Candy Corn Fruit Pops.

Or try these Pretzel & Cheese Broomsticks from One Little Project: Or course, you don’t want to be a tyrant like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, and yell “No sugar for you!

Need a last minute idea for some Poppa’s in your life?

I thought I’d bring back this popular printable from last year. My Tin Can Treats were so popular for Mother’s Day, I figured it was only fair to include the Dads too!

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