Sedating dog for xrays

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When we know of problems in advance we can make modifications in anesthesia that protect your pet's life.I often give a pre-anesthetic sedation agent such as acepromazine or Valium to pets to calm them down before surgery.Include a hematocrit, a differential and total white blood cell count.It is extremely rare for all these tests to be normal in a dog that is a high anesthetic risk.Some x rays are easier to do than others and so they cost less.

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As I mentioned earlier, ideal anesthesia uses neither more or less of the anesthetic than the amount necessary to perform the surgical procedure. So a special non-distracted person(s) is generally assigned to watch the pet closely.The answer is that which ever anesthetic your veterinarian is most familiar using is the safest.Many of the drugs that we use for anesthesia at one dose are sedatives at a lesser dose.This gives me easy access to the pet’s blood stream for fluids and other medications in the event of an emergency.Various anesthetics are administered in one of four ways.

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