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Also, if you are going to hookup with someone you don’t know, you can’t be sure if that guy is HIV-positive or has another sexually transmitted infection.

Most guys who are HIV-positive or have an STI don’t even know that they have it because they look strong and healthy. So even if a guy tells you that he is HIV-negative and STI free, he may not be. ), which is why you should always take condoms and water-based lube with you to protect yourself.

In fact, the unofficial homo history books will testify that our gay ancestors also found it convenient.

Nowadays, guys are ‘outchea’ following this tradition, but now they’re using technology to organize it first.

Even if you are already HIV-positive, you can still get other STIs, which can be very dangerous for you.

No need to be a player that doesn’t play fair and put someone else at risk either.

They also say on their splash page that everyone has a right to privacy so your information is private, and you remain anonymous because people can’t see who posted your message.

However, Daily Mail Australia has now obtained messages between the pair showing that it wasn't a one-off, but part of an ongoing relationship.

The messages also show that Smith lied to All Blacks coach Steve Hansen and the public about what happened in the disabled toilet cubicle.

The woman claims Smith told her that he had relayed a false story about her performing oral sex on him before he became 'flustered' and backed out to his partner Teagan Voykovich and All Blacks management, and asked her sign an affidavit saying they didn't have sex as it would 'save him heaps'.

Ms Voykovich has stood by Smith throughout the scandal.'Obviously that's not what happened at all,' the woman said.'When we got caught he lied about what had happened and asked me to stick to the story he had told his new girlfriend and coach, which essentially put the blame on me.''He just told me if anyone asks to say nothing, but if I have to then to just go along with that story, which I wasn't happy about because it made me look like more easily attainable than what I am.'At that point I said if you're going to say that then just leave me out of it, which he promised he had done, but he hasn't.

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